About this time of year that eminent person, the average undergraduate, gets out his calendar and figures out how long he must wait for another brief holiday. He finds that it is six weeks before April 18th and the start of the spring recess. And if his curiosity leads him to further calculation, he finds that from the end of the spring recess to the beginning of the finals is only a little over five weeks. Then he considers that when he gets home for his "Easter vacation," Easter is a thing of the past, his friends from other colleges will have long since gone back, and his home town will be a deserted village. Then he sighs and marvels at the psychology that moves the powers.

Yet there really seems to be no reason for the spring recess coming at a time so unsatisfactory to everyone. Is it because by changing it a time-honored custom would be broken? Yet it is only a few years ago that the arrangements of Commencement week were changed. Is it because the change would interfere with the April hours? This does not seem to be a valid reason. For since the November hours come only five or six weeks after the opening of college the April hours could be all over several weeks earlier than they now are. For they are not now finished until nearly ten weeks after the mid-years. Surely five weeks is too short a time for the spring term--the best term in the year. And surely ten weeks is too long a time for the term between mid-years and the Easter vacation--the worst term in the year. And especially would it be more agreeable to have the vacation come at the same time as that of the other colleges.