1918 Debate on Monroe Doctrine

The trials for the Freshman debating team, which will meet Princeton and Yale in a triangular debate on May 7 will be continued on Saturday afternoon. The question for the debate is "Resolved. That the United States should abolish the Monroe Doctrine as part of its foreign policy." The term Monroe Doctrine shall be understood to mean the principle that the United States will oppose, with its armed forces if necessary, the acquisition by a non-American power, by session, transfer, or lease, whether from an American or non-American state, or any territory on the American continents or the adjacent islands, as well as any interference by a non-American power in the political affairs of the American continents and adjacent islands."

These men will speak Saturday: at 1.30 o'clock, P. Benton, C. Wyche and W. L. Prosser, (affirmative); I. Brentano, A. J. Keele, and H. S. Walker, (negative); at 4.30 o'clock, D. Davis, J. S. Dole, and E. Weissbuch, (affirmative); W. M. Silverman, N. Muskin, and W. S. Murphy (negative).