University to Take Part in Seventy-two Contests This Spring.

The spring schedule of University athletic activities, which has just been announced, shows that teams representing Harvard will take part in seventy-two contests between now and the end of the College year. In the schedule which follows all games are played by University teams at home unless stated otherwise.


Saturday, April 24.--Baseball--Columbia at New York; crew--Navy at Annapolins; lacrosse--Johns Hopkins at Baltimore; tennis--Baltimore C. C. at Baltimore; track--Pennsylvania relays at Philadelphia.

Tuesday, April 27.--Baseball--Bates at 4.

Wednesday, April 28.--Baseball--1918 vs. Manchester High School at 4; Second team vs. Lynn League at 4.

Thursday, April 29.--Baseball--Virginia at 4.


Saturday, May 1.--Baseball--Amherst at 3; 1918 vs. St. Mark's at Southboro; Second team vs. Groton at Groton; lacrosse--Stevens Institute at 3; lawn tennis--Amherst.

Tuesday, May 4.--Baseball--Colby at 4, Second team vs. Tufts Second at 4.

Wednesday, May 5.--Baseball--1918 vs. Groton.

Thursday, May 6.--Baseball--Vermont at 4, Second team vs. Pilgrims at 4.

Saturday, May 8, Baseball--Holy Cross at Worcester, Second team vs. Worcester Academy at Worcester, 1918 vs. Huntington School at 3; lacrosse--open; tennis--Dartmouth; track--Cornell dual meet at 3.

Wednesday, May 12.--Baseball--Pennsylvania at 4, Second team vs. Andover at Andover, 1918 vs. Worcester Academy at 4.

Thursday, May 13.--Lacrosse--Hobart College at Geneva, N. Y.

Friday, May 14.--Baseball--Boston College at 4, Second team vs. Dean Academy at 4.