University and Freshman Tournament Commences on Monday.

The college championship tennis tournament in singles will begin on Jarvis Field next Monday afternoon. The tournament will be open to all men in the three upper classes, except those on the University squad. Entries must be made in the blue books at Leavitt & Peirce's before six o'clock tomorrow. In order to avoid all unnecessary conflicts the hours of all afternoon college engagements must be placed in the book. The winner of the tournament will play the leading man on the University squad for the college championship. Cups will be awarded to the winner and runner-up. There will be an entry fee of 50 cents, but no charge will be made for the courts. Contestants are expected to furnish their own balls.

1918 Interdormitory Tournament.

The trials for the Freshman interdormitory series will also begin next week. A separate tournament will be played by the men in each dormitory, from the results of which the teams will be chosen. All Freshmen in good standing at the College office will be eligible with the exception of the men retained on the 1918 squad. Men not living in any of the Freshman dormitories will be assigned to Standish Hall. Bluebooks will be placed on the bulletin boards of the dormitories, where entries may be made until 6 o'clock tomorrow.

Tennis Trials Continue

The trials for the 1918 team and the University second team will continue on Jarvis Field today, and in addition two University team matches, in preparation for the Amherst match at Jarvis Field tomorrow, will be played. Captain R. N. Williams, 2d, '16 will meet, G. C. Caner '17, and W. T. Rand, 3d., '17 will meet L. Curtis, 2d, '16 at 3 o'clock.

The following second team matches will be played: at 2 o'clock, R. Z. Crane '17 vs. W. Campbell '16, winner to play A. N. Guimaeraes '16 at 4; at 4 o'clock, W. P. Whitehouse, 2d, '17 vs. H. Francke '15.

The 1918 matches will be as follows: at 2 o'clock, W. Richmond vs. H. T. Davis; P. N. Rhinelander vs. G. A. Johnson; at 4 o'clock, D. K. Dunmore vs. E. B. Benedict; R. C. Cooke vs. E. B. Benjamin.