Competition Has Lasted for Seven Weeks.--Book to Appear June 10.

After a competition lasting seven weeks twenty-six men of the Freshman class have been chosen editors of the 1918 Red Book. This includes all departments except the business department, for which the competition will close Saturday night. Those elected to the board, together with those already appointed, are as follows:

Editor-in-chief. -- Hampton Robb, of Burlington, N. J.

Art.--Jacob Bates Abbott, of Dedham (chairman); John Lavalle, Jr., of Boston; Dwight Kenneth Dunmore, of West Newton; Lloyd Bankson Means, of Manchester; Hoyt Sherman, of New York; Robert Emmet Sherwood, of New York.

Copy and Registration.--Preston Burlingham Boyden, of Winnetka, Ill. (chairman); Charles Wesley Adams, Jr., of Franklin, N. H.; Frederick Worrall Ecker, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; William Elliott, Jr., of New York; Stuart Berwin Kaiser, of Brookline; Henry Purkitt Kidder, of Southboro; George Anderson King, Jr., Washington, D. C.; Ewen Cameron Mac-Veagh, of New York; Gardiner Coit Means, of Madison, Me.; William Allis Norris, of Milwaukee, Wis.; Samuel Endicott Peabody, of Longwood; Casimir deRham, of New York; Thomas Blythe Scott, Jr., of New York; Aaron Davis Weld, of Boston.

Cuts and Photographs.--David Mason Little, Jr., of Salem (chairman; Charles Blum, Jr., of New York; Alan Augustus Cook, of Canandaigua, N. Y.; Parker Kingsley Ellis, of Cambridge; John Farwell Howe, of Belmont; William Fuller King, of West Newton; Albert Edward MacDougall, of Flushing, L. L. N. Y.; Franklin Vail Peale, of Summit, N. J.; Louis Mortimer Pratt, Jr., of Chestnut Hill; and Dominic William Rich, of New York.

The Red Book, which will be larger than ever before, will be out about June 10.