What is Going on Today

1.45.--Interscholastic tennis tournament at Jarvis Field.

2.00.--Dormitory baseball, Smith vs. Standish.

4.00.--Meeting of Faculty of Divinity in the Faculty Room, Divinity Library.

4.30.--Seminary of Economics in Upper Dane. "The German Steel Kartell," by Mr. H. R. Tosdal.

5.00.--Election of marshal by candidates for degree of A.M. in Sever 11.

5.00.--Physical Colloquium in Room 3, Jefferson Physical Laboratory. "Contributions of William Sutherland to the Kinetic Theory," by Mr. E. R. Schaeffer.

8.00.--Modern Language Conference in Common Room, Conant Hall. "The Influence of Spanish upon English Prose Style, 1500-1616," by Mr. Howard J. Savage.