Three Speakers Will Talk in Favor of Summer Military Organizations.

Opportunity to hear the case in favor of summer military camps presented by men who are most directly in touch with affairs of the army will be given undergraduates at the meeting in the Living Room of the Union Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Major-general Leonard Wood, M.D. '84, of the United States Army, will treat the subject in all its important phases, and explain why a large attendance at the summer camps is especially desirable at this time. He will probably set forth the national significance of enlisting college men in such preliminary training.

The addresses of Adjutant-general C. H. Cole, who has been prominent in military affairs of Massachusetts, and of President Lowell, will, it is expected, aim more at the local aspect of the question. Before the meeting, a dinner to which prominent officers of the University and undergraduates have been invited, will be held in honor of Major-general Wood and Adjutant-general Cole in the Committee Room of the Union.