University Defeated Yale Golfers

The University golf team defeated the Yale team, 5 to 1, in the last match of the year, played on the neutral links of the Rhode Island Country Club at Providence on Saturday. F. S. Gains was the only Yale man to win his match, scoring Yale's only point.

The summary: E. P. Allis '15 won from R. D. Pierce (6 and 4), L. H. Canan '17 won from W. H. Gardner (2 and 1), J. W. Hubbell '17 won from F. R. Blossom (5 and 4), Captain J. G. Heyburn '16 won from A. G. McIlwaine (1 up), G. A. McCook '16 lost to F. S. Gaines (2 and 1), and J. I. Wylde '17 won from S. W. Farnsworth (1 up).