The University and Freshman crews resumed regular practice on the Charles yesterday afternoon preparatory to the final training at Red Top, to which place the squads will go Monday. The University crew rowed in the same order as at Ithaca with the exception of number 4, where J. C. White, 2d, '17 rowed in the absence of B. Harwood '15, who was out for the day because of a slight cut on his hand. With one exception the second University crew went out in the same order as they raced at the American Henley, J. A. Jeffries '16 being seated at number 4 in place of K. P. Culbert '17, who has been forced to stop rowing for the year on account of strained muscles.

A big shift occurred in the Freshman eight, W. Davis and T. T. Mackie being replaced by R. Williams and H. G. Simonds of the 1918 four-oar. M. Taylor moved from number 2 to number 6. Williams was at number 3 and Simonds at number 2.

The orders of the three crews were as follows:

University.--Stroke, Lund; 7, Cabot; 6, Parson; 5, W. J. Middendorf; 4, White; 3, Stebbins; 2, Morgan; bow, Murray; cox., Kreger.

Second University. -- Stroke, Busk; 7, Meyer; 6, H. S. Middendorf; 5, Talcott; 4, Jeffries; 3, Potter; 2, Brown; bow, Whitmarsh; cox., Cameron.

Freshman--Stroke, Wiggin; 7, Quimby; 6, Taylor; 5, Nathan; 4, Pope; 3, Williams; 2, Simonds; bow, Brazier; cox., Place.