Delegates Gather in Randolph to Discuss Trip.--L. A. Morgan '17 in Charge.

A meeting for the members of the Northfield delegation from the University, and for all those in any way interested in the Conference, which will be held this year from June 25 to July 4, will be held in Randolph 51 tonight at 7 o'clock. C. B. Randall 3L., who is thoroughly familiar with the Conference, L. A. Morgan '17, chairman of the delegation, W. P. Whitehouse, 2d, '17, treasurer, and several other past members will outline the plans. There will be an open discussion of the arrangements in camp, the delegation uniforms, and other matters of importance.

The enrolment list of the delegation now totals 152, exceeding last year's list by about 60 names. The committee has shown unusual energy, and a fair proportion of men from every class and department of the University are signed for the delegation. This includes an unusually large number of Freshmen. The party will leave on a special car attached to the 9.45 o'clock train from North Station on Friday, June 25. The expenses of the trip will not exceed $20.