HARVARD.  WILLIAMS. Abbot, 2b.  l.f., Statler Frye, r.f.  c.f. Toolan Nash, 1b.  s.s., Clark Gannett, c.f.  3b., Swain Harte, c.  2b., Parsons Hardwick, 3b.  r.f., Michler Brickley, l.f.  c., Powell Mahan, Reed, s.s.  1b., Brumbaugh Whitney, Mahan, p.  p., Young, Smith

The University baseball team will face Williams on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Williams comes to Cambridge with a nine that has made a record for itself in its work at the bat, but which has often shown weakness in the field. As the past scores of the Williamstown team show victories over Georgetown, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale, Williams seems to be an opponent of no little strength.

Captain Toolan, the veteran centre fielder; Swain, the third baseman; Powell, a new catcher; Parsons, at second; and Young, the first string pitcher, have been Williams' most consistent performers this season. The nine is handicapped by a lack of extra men for pitching duty, however, for Young has been the only dependable twirler on the squad.

The new arrangement of the University line-up is fast getting into smooth running order, and with W. Willcox, Jr., '17, back with the squad, the nine's final development should now be unimpeded. As Frye is proving such a valuable man in the outfield, and as Willcox is not yet ready to work, Coach Haughton will probably send Whitney in to pitch today.

The new stands at Soldiers Field are now almost completed, and should be ready for the Princeton game on Saturday. Owing to the building ordinance lately passed, the work is of permanent construction, steel being used in the frame work.