Over Thousand Students Registered Yesterday at Memorial and Randall.

The University dining halls, Memorial and Randall, opened yesterday for breakfast and during the day enrolled over a thousand students, a very unusual number, particularly when one realizes that no Freshman eats outside his own dormitory. The registration of Freshmen in years before the dormitories, exceeded 200 and thus a pretty large hole is cut out. Fortunately, however, the tendency each year is toward a decided increase from the available student body which has now mounted up sufficiently to counteract the loss of Freshmen. The enrollment is growing so rapidly that a waiting list again this year seems inevitable.

The offices at both halls will be at Memorial, and men may sign on between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. Students who have a $400 bond on file at the Bursar's Office may have their board charged on their January and June term bills; otherwise a deposit must be maintained in advance at the office.

All groups of members wishing to eat together should hand in their lists as soon as possible, so that an assignment of club tables may be made this week. Students must sign up early so that the assignments can be handled with despatch. The management reserves the right to fix the registration at each.