Interdormitory Schedule Arranged

A schedule of six games has been arranged for the Freshman interdormitory hockey series. Beginning on January 20 each team will play two games with each of the other teams. All candidates for the dormitory teams will meet in the Smith Halls common Room on Thursday at 2.30 o'clock, and plans for practice will be made. B. B. Williams '16 will coach the Gore Hall team. T. L. White '17 will coach the Standish team and Murray Taylor '18 will coach the Smith seven. The schedule has been arranged as follows:

January 20.--Smith vs. Gore.

January 25.--Standish vs. Smith.

January 27.--Gore vs. Standish.

February 1.--Smith vs. Gore.

February 3.--Standish vs. Smith.

February 8.--Gore vs. Standish.