Sixteen Teams for Scrub Hockey

Sixteen teams have signed up for the scrub hockey series, including two teams, the "Composites' and the "Makeups." of men who signed alone. All the managers are to meet in Claverly 6 this afternoon at 5.30 o'clock to arrange plans for the series. Any who are unable to keep this appointment should see R. D. Hunneman '17, 28 Plympton street, at 1.30. The first game will probably be on Friday. The "Composites" and "Makeups" have been divided as follows:

Composites.--Gleason, g.; Dickerman, p.; Myers, c.p., Clark (manager), l.w.; Kenna, l.c.; Anderson, r.c,; Snow, r,w,; Vitkin and Garceau, substitutes. Makeups,--Richmond (manager), g.; Wyner, r.w. The other teams are the Canucka the Chuck-a-pucks, the Dark Horses, the hard Guys, the Hard Boiled Eggs, the I. O. U.'s, the Ka-Choos, the La Toscas, the Linconimps, the Never-sweats, the No names the Oscar II's the Puck Lifters, and the Theodore Fords.