In connection with Seniors living in the Yard there are now two traditions: the one, that Senior classes always room there; the other, that the old dormitories are most undesirable places to live in. The latter tradition has more than a little foundation owing to certain crudities in the conditions there, such as the furrowed floors and dust-spreading brooms. Nevertheless, these old dormitories are now equipped with all the conveniences of Mt. Auburn street, with the exception of swimming pools and elevators. And it need hardly be said that any man who cannot forego these two luxuries and undergo the other minor discomforts is, to say the least, a sybarite.

President Lowell will explain the benefits of living together in the Senior year to Juniors as their smoker tonight. It is essential, if these benefits are to be obtained in full, that the entire class migrate to the Yard, and that they make their plans for the migration at once.