Object to Council Awarding Medals to Class Football Champions.

A petition signed by 26 members of the Freshman class who competed in the interclass football series has been made to the Student Council, requesting that the custom of awarding numerals to the class football team winning the championship should not be abolished. The petition is the result of an action taken by the Student Council at its last meeting, when it was decided to award medals instead of class numerals.

The Council took this action because of numerous objections to the colors in which the numerals were given, not only from other colleges but from members of teams that have received numerals. Those who have signed the petition believe that if the award of numerals is discontinued, interest in the class championship series will become less each year. The possibility of winning the championship, it is claimed, is one of the strongest inducements which the second Freshman squad has to encourage daily attendance and strict training in order to build up a class team. The Student Council will be asked to reconsider its action at the next meeting.