Officials of University and Technology at Reception

A University reception to which all members of the Faculty, the Board of Overseers, and other officials connected with the University were invited, was held in the Living Room of the Union last evening. The program at the reception, which has been an annual affair for a number of years, consisted of dancing followed by a supper. The following officials, together with their wives, were in the receiving line: President and Mrs. Lowell, President and Mrs. Eliot, Dean and Mrs. L. B. R. Briggs, Dean and Mrs. E. F. Gay, President and Mrs. Maclaurin, of Technology, and Mr. and Mrs. G. von L. Meyer.

The following instructors in the University acted as ushers: Mr. F. W. C. Lieder, Mr. C. R. Post, Mr. A. B. Lamb, Mr. L. Allard, Dr. G. H. Maynadier, Mr. E. L. Raiche, Mr. P. W. Long, Mr. R. H. Lord, Mr. D. Jackson, Mr. G. Rivers, Mr. E. Wigglesworth, Mr. H. R. Patch, Mr. F. E. Richter, and Mr. W. G. Greene.