Cleaning Equipment to Occupy Militia Men Returned from Border.

J. A. Goldthwalt '17 is the only University man in Battery A who has not returned from the Border. He is ill at a base hospital in El Paso.

Captain Edward B. Richardson, commanding the Battery, said yesterday that the men would probably be mustered out in a week or ten days. Meanwhile there will be no furloughs during the day for the members of the Battery. During the night, only as many men will be kept at the armory as are necessary for guard duty. The men will be kept busy cleaning the large amount of battery equipment which has been brought from the Border. A surgeon of the regular army will examine each of the men before the battery is mustered out of service.

The Fifth Infantry will probably arrive in Boston late Friday or early Saturday.

The Massachusetts Battalion of Signal Troops entrained at El Paso yesterday.

If transportation arrangements can be perfected a parade of the entire Second Brigade is planned on its arrival at Boston.