The following is a list of members of the Freshman class with their place of residence in Cambridge. Although this list is as nearly complete and accurate as possible, it is not the final and official registration which will appear in the University Catalogue:

Abbott, T. S., Sd. C 33.

Ames, T. G., Sd. B 33

Anderson, C. G.

Anderson, G. F., P. S. B 34.

Angler, A. E., Go. E 41.

Apthorp, H. O., Go. A 35.

Ashton, R., P. S. A 26.

Aspinwall, A., Sd, A 22.

Atkinson, T. M., J. S. B41.

Auley, T. H.

Austin, F. R., Go. E 35.

Baern, E. A., J. S. C 20.

Baker, G., Go. D 41.

Baldwin, C. E., Go. D 44.