Legore and Driggs, Behind Powerful Lines, Material in Bringing Victories Over Carnegie and Holy Cross.--Tufts, Opponent in Stadium This Week in 0-0 Tie With Worcester Tech.

Yale 25, Carnegie o. Princeton 21, Holy Cross 0. Brown 18, Rhode Island State 0. Virginia 11, Davidson 0. Tufts 0, Worcester Tech 0.

Although Carnegie and Holy Cross had teams that from reports of early practice, appeared formidable, they were easily whitewashed by Yale and Princeton on Saturday. Legore's phenomenal playing was the feature of the Eli attack, which consisted of straight playing throughout the contest, Driggs, with his exceptional punting and powerful line-plunging, was the star of the Princeton backfield, while the Tiger line gave an exceptional account of itself.

Brown, which faces the University in the Stadium between the Princeton and Yale encounters, beat the much-vaunted Rhode Island State team decisively, using largely a substitute line-up during the last two periods.

Virginia had a hard time with its opponent, Davidson, while of the remaining teams on the Crimson schedule, Cornell, which opens late because of infantile paralysis, and the Massachusetts Agricultural College have not yet begun their seasons. Tufts' game with Worcester Tech did not disclose anything startling, for both teams played thoroughly early season football, Tufts gaining more ground than her opponent.

The following are extracts from the New York Sun's account of the Yale-Carnegie contest:

"Carnegie came with a good reputation and a good team, but the speed and weight of the Elis proved too much for them. Something fancy on the attack was expected from Carnegie, but there was little out of the ordinary, the Pittsburg men trying only one forward pass. It worked for a gain of thirteen yards. Yale tried the forward pass once, but it failed.

Legore Scored on 52-Yard Run.

"Legore was the star of the Yale team. He was given the ball on Yale's first offensive play of the game and the fleet back circled Carnegie's left end for a 52-yard run and a touchdown. Coming at the very start of the game, Carnegie was somewhat bewildered. Another spirited run of Legore for 25 yards soon afterward put Yale in a position to score again and after a series of line plunges by Bingham, Jacques and Legore, Travis Smith, the quarterback, carried the ball over.

"Kessner, the Carnegie quarterback, made several long runs around the Yale ends and his work featured that of his team. Wright kicked well for Carnegie and Finlay did good work on the attack, but it was not sustained, and at no time did Carnegie get nearer than thirty yards from the Yale goal line.

"The first half ended 12 to 0 for Yale, the attempts of Legore to kick goals after touchdowns failing miserably. In the third period Bingham, Jacques and Legore took turns in carrying the ball, following Jacques's run back of the kick-off to the 45-yard line. Finally Bingham shot through the right side of Carnegie's line for a twenty-three-yard run and a touchdown. This time Legore kicked a goal. Several substitutes were put in by Tad Jones at this point, and in the fourth quarter an entirely new backfield was working.

"Laroche, who went in at quarterback, starred, and in one run covered forty yards. A few moments later he was shoved over the line for the fourth touchdown. Gates failed at goal. Yale lost two chances to score because of fumbles practically on the goal line.

"Yale men tonight feel satisfied with the showing of the team. Nothing but straight football was played. In the attack and defence there is considerable improvement over the work of last year's team."

The Yale team lined up as follows: Gates, l.e.; Sheldon, l.t.; Black, l.g.; M. R. Smith, c.; Galt, Zenner, r.g.; Baldridge, r.t.; Commerford, Church, Mosely, r.e.; E. T. Smith, Laroche, q.b.; Bingham, Waite, l.h.b; Legore, Neville, r.h.b; Jacques, Hutchinson, f.b.

Princeton Whipped Holy Cross.

The New York Sun also comments on the Princeton game as follows:

"Playing their first game of the season on foreign territory for the first time in recent years, the Princeton football squad made a most suitable showing against Holy Cross, winning with comparative ease by the score of 21 to 0. All the scores were registered in the first two periods, when the men who are now considered regulars were in the line-up.

Eddie Driggs especially showed up and punting was a powerful factor. Moore and Brown, his backfield mates, exhibited bursts of speed which time after time caught the local collegians off guard and brought about appreciable gains for the Tigers. The early training done by Princeton this season was proved a big benefit, as the players went through the game without showing any ill effects and played at high speed throughout.

"Moore and Driggs both went over the line for a touchdown in the opening period. Line plunges and short dashes off tackle carried the ball down the field in rapid strides in the opening period and placed Princeton in position to score. Moore made the initial touchdown of the season following a plunge through the line by Driggs that placed the ball on the 5-yard line. From here Moore dashed across. Driggs used his punting ability to place the ball in position for the second touchdown, then plunged through the weak Holy Cross line for the tally. Moore kicked both goals.

Driggs' Punting Too Much.

"Holy Cross played better in the second period but again the punting and line plunging of Driggs was too much for the locals. The big Princeton full-back simply would not be denied, kicking and carrying the ball past all opposition and registering a third touchdown. Moore again kicked the goal.

"Holy Cross grew stronger and played better in each succeeding period. In the third it made its first down and held the ball in midfield when the period ended. In the fourth period Holy Cross-tried line plays unsuccessfully and Higgins, who substituted at quarterback for Twitchell, tried a forward pass, which was intercepted by Rutt of the Tigers.

"It was the first time a big college football team has ever played on a local field. The game was witnessed by 6,000 enthusiasts. It was a valuable experience for both teams. Holy Cross showed strong and was heartily complimented by the reserve Tigers who were on the field in numbers enough to form three elevens."