The annual fall handicap track meet will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Stadium. As there will be no inter dormitory meet this fall, Freshmen will be allowed to enter.

The two-mile race is expected to be the best s the entire University cross country team have entered. The Freshman Harriers will not compete because of heir dual race with Providence Technology tomorrow morning.

Men who have taken strength tests may enter on the field whether they have signed the blue books or not. Handicaps have been made out by the coaches and will be posted on the field at 2.30 o'clock. Events will be run off rain or shine. Silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the first three place winners in each event. All men who have entered must report at the Locker Building at least a half an hour before their first event.

Following is the order of events:

8.00--80-yard high hurdles.

3.00--High jump.

3.00--Shot put.

3.00--Pole vault.

3.05--100-yard dash trials.

3.10--Mile run.

3.20--440-yard dash.

3.25--100-yard finals.

3.30--880-yard run.

3.30--Broad jump.

3.30--Hammer throw.

3.35--120-yard low hurdles.

3.40--220-yard dash.

3.45--Two mile.

3.50--120-yard hurdles. Finals.

3.55--220-yard dash. Finals.

The entries for the fall handicap meet are as follows:

100-yard dash: W. M. Bliss '17, P. W. Bolster '20, H. D. Brewer '19, A. S. Carhart '20, P. M. Hamilton '20, K. Hartley '20, R. B. Hovey '20, G. Jones '17, s. M. Loring '20, P. C. Pearson '19, f. P. Shepard '20, E. E. silver '18, W. R. Swart '18.

220-yard dash: R. P. Anthony '19, W. M. Bliss '17, a. S. Carhart '20, P. M. Hamilton '20, R. B. Hovey '20.

440-yard dash: C. C. Bassett '19, C. W.

Cook '19, F. T. Donahue '18, F. W. Ivillet '20, G. Jones '17, K. M. Knox '18, C. I. Larrabee '19, P. C. Pearson '19, A. E. Rowse '18, E. E. Silver '18, H. R. Silverman '20, w. M. Silverman '18, W. L. Walker '17.

880-yard run: C. C. Basset '19, F. T. Donahue '18, S. Dillon '17, W. M. Silverman '18, P. E. Stevenson '20, J. H. Townsend '17.

Mile run: P. Allen '19, R. W. Babcock '17, H. R. Bechtel '17, C. L. Bond '20, F. M. Currier '17, P. G. De Rosay '18, S. A. Furness '18, L. A. Head '19, B. Lewis '20, C. McNear '20, J. F. Noxon '19, J. H. Townsend '17, M. P. Whitehouse,, 3d, '17, R. T. Whitehouse '19, O. C. Wood '20, D. H. Worrall '20.

Two-mile run: R. W. Babcock '17, A. R. Bancock '17, H R. Bechtel '17, H. S. Boyd '17, R. L. Buell '19, R. T. Coterall '18, R. S. Cook '17, F. M. Currier '17, G. A. Furness '18, G. A. King '18, K. E. Luttropp '20m G. A. Miller '17, J. Nolan, Jr., '20, J. F. Noxon '19, W. M. Silverman '18, L. w. Schwartz '20, G. H. Tilghman '19, F. C. Southworth '20, G. H. Tilghman '19, L .H. Well '19, R. J. Whitehouse '19, W. P. Whitehouse '17.

80-yard high hurdles: W. A. Allen '19, F. T. Donahue '18, M. Noble '17, H. W. Rose '19, E. S. Sherman '19, M. H. Simons '19, B. H. Tracy '20.

120-yard low hurdle: G. Dunton '18, A. E. Rowse '18, Q. A. Shaw '19, M .H. Simons '19, B. H. Tracey '20, W. L. Walker '19, J. B. Wolverton '20.

Field Events.

Shot-put: C. F. Batchelder '20, E. Buckingham '19, J. Fine '18, r. E. Jackson '19, W. S. Levenson '19, J. F. Linden '20, J. R. Litchfield '20, L. MacFarland '19, L. K. Marshall '20, E. G. Nathan '20, A. A. Rouner '20, W. F. Sovale '18, G. L. Strehike '20, H. A. Weir '20.

Hammer throw: W. Dexter '19, J. Fine '18, V. E. Hall '19, L. Jackson '19, L. MacFarland '19, L. K. Marshall '20, E. G. Sarasohn '20.

Pole vault: J. J. Albright '19, J. Austin '18, C. D. Babbitt '18, J. Buffington, Jr., '20, R. W. Harwood '20, F. D. Johnson '20, J. G Lynch '19, M. T. MacDonald '18, L. W. Schwantz '20, G. L. Strehike '20, W. E. Sullivan '18.

Broad jump: J. Austin '18, H. D. Bigelow '20, C. W. Cook '19, H. Davis '18, a. R. Frey '19, W. L. Savale '18, W. L. Walker '19, J. B. Wolverton '20.

High jump: P. W. Boister '20, J. Buffington '20, H. B. Coxe '20, K. H. Craigie '20, H. Davis '18, G. Dunton '18, A. R. Frey '19, J. M. Faulkner '20, R. W. Harwood '20, M. Noble '17, a. Perkins '19, a. Robey '20, A. A. Rouner '20, W. L. Walker '19.

Freshman Team Chosen

As a result of a time trial held Tuesday afternoon the following have been chosen to represent the Freshman Class in their first dual run with Providence Technology Saturday at 2 o'clock.

The team is as follows: D. J. Duggan, T. A. Francis, W. C. Holbrook, B. Lewis, K.E. Luttropp, J. Nolan, Jr., W. Nolen, R. A. Perry, D. H. Worrall