Regarding a Prince Memorial


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The writer of yesterday's Communication concerning Norman Prince, in making an appeal for us to perpetuate our admiration for his having "given his life to the cause of liberating France from oppression," for his having done something "to correct the wrong in the world," and to show our sympathy for the noble cause for which he died, seems to have completely disregarded the fact that there are these of us who are not impressed with "the cause of liberating France from oppression," other than s a high sounding phrase; that there are those whose sympathies are with the noble causes of nations other than France. To erect in the name of the university a memorial such as was proposed and in the spirit proposed would be to disregard these facts and turn Harvard tolerance into another high-sounding phrase.

To show and cherish ones sympathies is the right of every individual, but to inflict these sympathies upon those who do not cherish them is unnecessary and unjust. P. G. DE ROSAY '18