Races Conclude Autumn Season With Exception of Few Freshman and University Crews.

The annual fall regatta will commence tomorrow and continue through Thursday and Friday. The first race will be between the first dormitory crews over the mile course from Cottage Farm bridge to Harvard bridge, starting at 4.10, followed by the second and third Eliot and Thayer club crews over the same course at 4.20. The second and third dormitory crews will race at 4.25 and 4.40 respectively. The first club crews will race on Thursday at 4.25 and the four University crews on Friday, C and D at 4.10, and A and B at 4.35. All crews should leave the boathouses at least 20 minutes before the time scheduled for the race to begin.

The regatta will conclude the fall rowing season for all except one or two Freshman and two University crews. There will also be a series of comp and wherry races on Wednesday, November 1, for which entries can now be made in blue books at Leavitt and Peirce's, Weld and Newell boathouses.