Red Cross Campaign Ends Today

The second campaign of the Greater Boston Chapter of the American Red Cross ends today. Enrolments may be made and the membership fee of one dollar paid at the CRIMSON Building, or at Weld 3, before 5 o'clock tonight. So far the desired results have not been achieved, and the enrolment from the University is a great deal less than a thousand, the number which the committee hoped to reach.

The American Red Cross, of which President Wilson is honorary leader, is authorized by the government to give aid to our land and naval forces in time of war. Its activities are not confined to this, however, and in time of peace its members are always ready to assist in alleviating any suffering resulting from sudden catastrophes. Membership does not require active service. Members will receive the society's manual and various pamphlets will from time to time keep them in touch with the work that is being accomplished.