The Intercollegiate Cross-country Run over the new West Rock course at New. Haven Saturday was won by Cornell with the low score of 38. Yale finished second with 99, Syracuse third with 115, Harvard fourth with 120 and Maine fifth with 123. It was expected that Princeton would place in the first five but the best the Tigers could get was eighth place with 172.

Captain J. W. Overton, of Yale, won the individual honors, followed by L. H. Carroll, of Michigan, with the small lead of 50 yards. Ezra Wenz, of Cornell, crossed the line third. G. A. King '18 secured sixth place at the head of the University runners, followed by R. W. Babcock '17, 20th, J. D. Hutchinson '19, 24th, Captain A. Bancroft '17, 32d. W. P. Whitehouse '17, 38th, R. S. Cook '17, 50th and A. R. Bechtel '17, 56th.

Cornell won third, fifth, eighth, ninth, 13th, 22nd, and 36th places. The men placed in the following order: E. Wenz, I. C. Dresser, T. C. McDermott, L. Windnagle, F. D. Boyston, J. W. Carbell and C. Yost.

By winning the run on Saturday, Cornell now has a total of 15 victories to credit, while Yale, Harvard and Manhave have each won one.

Following is the order of the first men, and the team scores:

1.  J. W. Overton, Yale . . .  35:302.  L. H. Carrol, Michigan . .  35:493.  E. Wenz, Cornell . . . .  35:584.  E. J. Dempsey, Maine . .  36:035.  I. C. Dresser, Cornell . .  36:226.  G. A. King '18, Harvard . .  36:287.  L. G. Watson, Syracuse . .  36:298.  T. C. McDermott, Cornell .  36:469.  L. V. Windnagle, Cornell .  36:5010.  C. B. Thompson, Dartmouth . . . . . . . . .  37:6