"The Mission of the Dammed," by Mary Margaret Wright 2G is the play chosen by the Dramatic Club for its annual fall production this year. Miss Wright's home is in Lewiston, N. Y. Last year she took English 47 under Professor Baker, and is now continuing the study of drama in English 47a.

The play was read last night in Phillips Brooks House by P. F. Reniers '16, before a large audience. It is a four-act play dealing with politics and purity, and fairly bristling with dramatic atmosphere. A brief sketch of the plot follows:

Nelson Marns, a man of unimpeachable probity and ruined finances, is endeavoring to construct a canal through a small town in New York. He has secured the option on the land desired from the land owners, who are poor farmers. He is continually blocked in his efforts to get the charter granted by the local coal trust and several other powerful corporations, whose interests would be jeopardized by the building of the canal. Marns, his ward, Faith Stuart and several others who have the interest of the community at heart, are struggling to secure the granting of the charter in spite of powerful opposition. The options are about to expire, and the trusts are exercising all possible pressure to influence the people not to renew them. Marns, though lacking in power, manages to hold the faith of the people in his project. The goodness of Faith and the integrity of Marns awakens in the people a sense of loyalty, and they stand by their leader until word comes that the legislature has granted the charter. Faith Stuart and Nelson Marns realize their love for each other when success grants them leisure.

The story though essentially dramatic is delicately drawn, and several scenes will require exceptional acting. At last night's meeting, 80 students signed up for acting trials, which will be held in the Union tomorrow afternoon. Additional acting candidates may sign up at Leavitt and Pierce's.