Harvard's Tribute to Courage.

Harvard is to have a memorial to her sons who have lost their lives in this war. The observance will differ from some similar observances that have been held in America. It will commemorate not only those Harvard men who have offered the great sacrifice on behalf of the Entente, but all, of any nationality, who have translated their faith into deeds.

This large view of human nobility is characteristic of the best traditions of Harvard. It recognizes the fact, too often lost sight of by many good people in this country, that it takes just as much valor, just as high a conception of duty, just as intelligent a comprehension of issues, to fight on one side of the world long line that has divided civilization, as on the other.

Harvard will pay tribute, not to one allegiance or to another, but to the high courage that leads a man to the ultimate sacrifice in support of his convictions--the sacrifice of his life. --New York Mail.