Law School Has Enrolment of 856, With 211 Members from Harvard College 81 From Yale.

The registration of the Law School this year includes representative from 153 colleges and shows that with the exception of five men all students registered are college graduates in that they have completed the work required for graduation, though 16 have not actually received their diplomas. Last year the registration showed that 145 colleges were represented, while only two of the students enrolled were not college graduates. The total enrolment of the school this year is 856 which shown a considerable gain over the enrolments of 789 and 730 for last year and 1914 respectively, land which exceeds the previous record of 808 made in 1911-12. The registration is divided among the classes as follows: first year, 334; second year 234; third year, 212; unclassified, 64 resident graduate students, 10; and special students, 2; showing a substantial increase over the 1915-16 registration in every case except that of the unclassified students, who numbered 68 last year. Of the five men registered in the Law School who are not college graduates three are graduates of law schools one and two are non-graduates.

The University, as usual, has the largest number of graduates in the Law School, while Yale and Princeton come next in the order given. Dartmouth holds its place as fourth in last year registration, while Williams, which was a good fifth last year, has ceded its place to Brown. Among the foreign institutions represented are the Collegiate Institute of Havana, McGill University Cambridge (England), University of New Brunswick, University of Toronto, an Oxford. Of these, Oxford, with five men in the school, has the largest representation. The complete figures of all colleges and universities with 10 or more men in the school, together with the totals for last year, follow: 1915  1919 Harvard,  219  21 Yale,  70  3 Princeton,  60  5 Dartmouth,  35  3 Brown,  18  2 Williams,  23  2 Wisconsin,  12  1 California,  10  1 Missouri,  10  1 Cornell,  8  1 Michigan,  7  1