Dead Man One of World's Greatest.


Kuno Francke, professor of the history of German culture and curator of the Germanic Museum, said:

"Professor Muensterberg was one of the world's biggest men the greatest intellectual power in America and a man who towered high above the ordinary type of university professor in every manner.

"I have nothing but the greatest respect for the manner in which he fought for his country for two years, irrespective of his own interests. He was willing to sacrifice everything for his fatherland.

"His death was a beautiful one, occurring as it did in the midst of the work he loved, at the height of his activity. His loss is irretrievable. There is no one in Harvard, no one in the country, who can take his place in the university ranks and in the world of intellectual brilliancy.

"I can say no more, for I am prostrated at the less of one of my most valued friends. Mortal tongue cannot paint a picture which will touch the brilliancy of Professor Muensterberg's career." --Boston Post.