Course of Free Talks to Public by Faculty Will be Held Sundays Starting January 7.

The annual series of free lectures at the Medical School, Longwood avenue, Boston, has been announced by the Faculty of Medicine for the Sunday afternoons, beginning January 7 and ending April 22, 1917. The lectures will begin promptly at 4 o'clock, and the doors will be closed at five minutes past the hour. No tickets are required. The schedule follows:

January 7: The Reverend Dr. Francis G. Peabody '69: "Alcohol and Efficiency."

January 14: Dr. Hugh Cabot '94: "The Care of the Wounded with the British Expeditionary Force in France."

January 21: Dr. E. W. Taylor '88G: "Infantile Paralysis; Precautions Necessary and Unneccessary."

January 28: Dr. W. T. Porter: "Shock in the Trenches."

February 4: Dr. J. L. Morse '87: "Feeding in its Relation to the Infant's Development."

February 11: Dr. J. F. Cotton '90: "The Development of the Employer's Liability Insurance in Accident and Sickness."

February 18: Dr. E. H. Place '04M: "Does it Pay to Have the Contagious Diseases During Childhood?"

February 25: Dr. Percy G. Stiles: "Sleep."

March 4: Dr. L. M. S. Miner '04M: "Diseases of the Teeth and the Use of the X-Ray in Their Diagnosis and Treatment."

March 11: Miss Ida M. Cannon: "Social Service in Medicine."

March 18: Dr. Cleveland Floyd '03M: "Tuberculosis; its Cause and Prevention."

March 25: Dr. W. B. Cannon '96: "Methods of Medical Progress."

April 1: Dr. C. T. Brues: "Fleas and Other Insect Parasites in Their Relation to Public Health."

April 8: Dr. J. Bapst Blake '87: "Accident and Injury; First Aid (with demonstrations of simple methods and materials)."

April 15: Dr. Paul Thorndike '84: "Urinary Troubles in Elderly Men." (To men only).

April 22: Dr. W. H. Robey '95M: "Some Facts and Fancies About Heart Disease."