Senior and Sophomore Speakers to Take Opposite Sides on Question of Mexican Policy.

The first of a series of interclass debates will be held between the Seniors and the sophomores in Sever 11 tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. E. L. C. Davidson, H. C. Gill, J. C. McMullin and S. E. Rothchild, alternate, will compose the Senior team, while L. Dennis, S. A. Freeman, W. Hettleman and J. T. Noonan, alternate, will represent the Sophomores. The Senior speakers will uphold the affirmative of the question, "Resolved, that the united States should establish a temporary protectorate in Mexico until order and stable government are assured."

The Juniors and Freshmen will debate on the same question in Sever 111 on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. The Junior team, which is composed of a. C. Thayer, W. Hosmer, W. L. Prosser and W. S. Murphy, alternate, will take the affirmative, and a. S. Aronson, H. Berlack, R. P. Berle and R. R. Eisendioth, alternate will support the negative for 1920.