The forty third issue of the University Register with many improvements and several added features will appear on sale Saturday, December 9. It had been announced that the volume would go on sale December 1. This late date had been determined in accordance with the policy of the editorial board this year to make accuracy rather than speed its aim, but conditions at the printer's office have caused the further delay of a few days. The entire book has been on the press for a week so that the time of publication is now certain.

The 1915-16 Register was marred by many errors which were due to the desire of the editors to get the book off the press too early in the fall. A great effort has been made this year to eliminate all mistakes in the make-up of the volume.

Changes Made in Subject Matter.

For the first time in the history of the publication changes have been made in its arrangement and subject matter. These changes have been made with a view to making the volume still more valuable to the undergraduate or graduate who desires full and reliable information in regard to all the interests and organizations in the University in a com- pact and convenient form. Among the radical departures from the make-up of preceding years is the addition of several articles on the graduate schools. A map of the University, especially drawn up for the Register with a complete index to the buildings, has been added. Particular attention has been given to the listing of all the clubs with accurate indication of their location on the map. A calendar such as that incorporated in the book years ago but discontinued in recent issues, has been added again in an improved form.

High Quality of Paper Chosen.

Another important change this year, which will help the appearance and durability of the book, is the use of more expensive paper. Better cuts, better binding and more attractive type have also been employed. The system of giving after a man's name in the index the pages on which his name appears has been considered the most efficient manner of indexing his activities and it is therefore continued this year.

The price of the Register has been raised from one dollar to $1.25 this year on account of the more expensive paper used and the present rise in printing materials, but the added features, general improvements and increased usefulness of the volume will easily offset this slight additional cost. Copies of the Register may be obtained at the above price at the Co-operative Branch on the date of publication