Praise from Texas.


Waxahachie Light: Harvard University has opened a department for the purpose of teaching policemen. As if any policeman would admit that there is anything he does not already know.

Good for Harvard; fine for Harvard, Universities for the most part use up all their time in training lawyers and doctors and preachers and editors and "publicists" and similar classes of useful but not overly productive citizens. If Harvard is really teaching policemen to be better policemen, and will from time to time add branches wherein carpenters are taught to be better carpenters, farmers better farmers, blacksmiths better blacksmiths, tailors better tailors, fishermen better fishermen--if so be Harvard has entered upon a career of wider usefulness to those who really produce the bread and butter which all the people eat, and those who build the houses and the clothes and the tools which make civilization a vital thing, then hooray for Harvard. State Press is so strongly a believer in schools he believes in schooling those who support the country as well as those who ornament it. --Galveston Daily News.