One of the most unusual features of the Widener Library is the new Farnsworth Room, which is to be opened at three o'clock this afternoon. It is a gift in memory of Henry Weston Farnsworth, a graduate of the University in 1912, who met death last year in the Foreign Legion. This is the first time that Harvard has honored individually any one of her sons who have lost their lives in the war. The Farnsworth Room will take its place with the tablet in the Union, Memorial Hall, and Soldiers Field, tributes to the heroism of Harvard graduates.

The room itself is an invaluable addition to the Library. It is an exceptional combination of beauty and utility. Probably no other university can boast of so sumptuous a room devoted entirely to reading for pleasure. When a student has a few minutes to spare he can spend them most profitably in its comfortable arm-chairs. For his selection the walls are lined with the classics of English literature in the most attractive editions. He will be furnished with books of immediate interest in the growing collection of writings on the war by Harvard men. On the whole the room will prove a great temptation to those who turn naturally to books during the lazy winter months.