Beat Best Record of Last Year's Carnival by Three Inches.

First place in the pole-vault competition in the Baseball Cage yesterday went to G. G. Haydock '16, who cleared 12 feet 3 inches. This beats last year's best record for the Cage of 12 feet, which was set up by M. L. Greeley '15 in the Winter Carnival. S. Laird '19 took second place with 11 feet 6 inches, of which 2 feet 6 inches represented his handicap. W. E. Sullivan '18 was third at 11 feet 3 inches, including a handicap of 1 foot 3 inches. Six men entered the competition. There will be contests in the 12-pound and 16-pound shot and in the 35-pound weight in the Cage tomorrow at 3 o'clock.

Kent Recovering from Operation.

W. W. Kent '16, who was operated on for appendicitis by Dr. E. H. Nichols '86 on Saturday, is rapidly recovering. It is expected that he will be able to run the mile again in the spring, as the operation was most successful. The patient will have to remain at the Conant Hospital on Bay State road for about two weeks more.

Kent's loss would have been severely felt by the track team, as he is the best miler in college. Last spring he won second place in the mile in both the Yale and Cornell meets, being led only by Poucher in the former and by Windnagle, who set up a new record, in the latter.