Concerning the Summer Camps.


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:--

At the present writing, we have enrolled and sent to New York from the Regimental Headquarters only 220 men for the summer camps. This is really a most unsatisfactory showing. If Harvard men would only stop to consider the inconvenience they cause the army officers organizing the camps, by enrolling at the last moment, they would probably enroll at Weld 3 immediately, even if this action might cause them the slight extra trouble of withdrawing their enrolment at a later date, should unforeseen events prohibit them from entering the camps this summer.

The next batch of enrolment blanks is going to New York on Friday, March 24. We wish to send down on that date the names of at least two hundred recruits, to show that Harvard, and the Harvard Regiment are backing General Wood's scheme of the Plattsburg Camps.

There will be someone in the Regimental office from nine o'clock every morning until five in the afternoon to receive blanks and answer questions. A. B. ROOSEVELT '17,   For the Plattsburg Committee.