Dartmouth Opposes Military Course

The military movement at Dartmouth has lately met with considerable opposition. A new organization, known as the Independence League, composed of some fifty undergraduates, is expressing its disapproval of introducing a military course into the regular college curriculum, and will begin the opposition campaign by taking a census of the undergraduates of the college upon the question of the introduction of military drill into the curriculum, hoping, thereby, to obtain sufficient data to make an intelligent report to the faculty committee that is investigating the matter. Each undergraduate will be presented with a blank which he will be asked to fill out.

The question which undergraduates will be asked to answer is: "Entirely disregarding your opinions concerning national preparedness, and entirely disregarding your opinions concerning the present voluntary battalion here at Dartmouth, are you opposed to the official recognition of military instruction as a part of the curriculum at Dartmouth with hours credit given for it?"