Alumni Association Appointment Office Ready to Give Valuable Aid to Seniors.

The following statement concerning the work of the Appointment Office of the Harvard Alumni Association has been prepared by Roger Pierce '04, the General Secretary of the Association:

"Most students are already familiar with the Harvard Students' Employment Office which finds temporary positions for students during the course of their University work. The purpose of the Appointment Office of the Harvard Alumni Association on the other hand is to place graduates in permanent positions of either a business or technical character; everybody who has been connected with the University in any department is eligible to avail himself of the facilities which the Appointment Office affords. Although the office also helps the older and more experienced graduates, it wishes particularly to talk things over with the men who are seeking permanent positions for the first time, as these men know less about the kind of work they are best suited for and so are more easily persuaded to accept the first position offered to them.

"In cases where the applicant will not have definitely made up his mind what sort of work he wishes to take up, the office will be able to suggest innumerable lines of work which might be undertaken, give him a more or less detailed description of the different kinds of business, and in that way help the applicant towards making a decision as to the line of work for which he is best fitted.

"The decision being once made, the office will try to get the man a definite position from among the various openings which it has on file. But it must necessarily be borne in mind in this connection that the office is willing to recommend for any specific position only such men as seem to it likely to prove suitable. To do otherwise would be of no advantage to the applicant and would tend in the long run to hurt the reputation of the office in the eyes of the concerns which apply to it for men.

"The quantity and quality of the positions at the disposal of the office is kept up to as high a standard as is consistent with the probable number of applicants. Therefore the larger the number of satisfactory men the office is able to place this year, the greater should be the number of first rate positions which will be offered to it hereafter; for good concerns will presumably not waste their time in indefinitely offering positions unless the office can send them men who turn out satisfactorily.

"Positions for men leaving in June are beginning to come in; therefore the sooner a man registers at the office the greater the number of positions there will be available for him. For example the Western Electric Company has just asked the office to furnish the names of suitable men for the commercial, manufacturing and engineering departments.

"The work of the office is carried on solely for the benefit of Harvard men, and no charge of any sort is made.

"A registration blank will be furnished to anybody applying personally or by letter either at the Appointment Office, 50 State street, Boston, or personally at the Students' Employment Office, University 9.