Cummings Won Handicap Shot-Put

In the 16-pound handicap shot-put competition held yesterday in the Stadium, J. W. Cummings '18 (handicap 10 feet) won first place with a put of 41 feet 9 inches. A. T. Lyman '16 (scratch) and E. H. Ellison '17 (handicap 5 feet) were second with puts of 41 feet 3 inches and 40 feet 5 inches.

C. S. Clark '19 won the 12-pound Freshman handicap shot-put with a put of 39 feet 11 inches. V. N. H. Bates '19 was second with 39 feet 6 inches and R. Jackson '19 third with 37 feet 9 inches. All three were from scratch.