H. C. Flower, Jr., with Three First Places, Individual Star in 61 1-2 to 34 1-2 Victory Saturday.

The Freshman track team decisively defeated Andover by a score of 61 1-2 to 34 1-2 at Andover Saturday afternoon. The track was heavy from recent rains and prevented fast time. H. C. Flower, Jr., '19 was the individual star, winning first in the 100-yard and 220-yard dashes, and the broad-jump. The 1919 team outclassed Andover in nearly every event, taking all places in the 440-yard dash and the broad-jump. The half-mile was the feature event, being closely contested from start to finish.

The summary:

120-yard hurdles.--Won by G. B. Woods '19; second, Sheddon (A.); third, H. W. Rose '19. Time, 17 2-5 sec.

100-yard dash.--Won by H. C. Flower, Jr., '19; second, J. W. Cummings '19; third, Thompson (A.). Time, 10 2-5 sec.

880-yard run.--Won by Lumpkin (A.); second, Buckley (A); third, C. S. Swan '19. Time, 2 min. 8 1-5 sec.

220-yard low hurdles.--Won by Sheddon (A); second, Brown (A.); third, R. Little '19. Time, 28 1-5 sec.

One-mile run.--Won by J. D. Hutchinson '19; second, Miner (A.); third, G. H. Tilghman '19. Time, 4 min. 41 2-5 sec.

440-yard dash.--Won by M. A. Shattuck '19; second, C. C. Bassett '19; third, E. W. Pervere '19. Time, 54 4-5 sec.

220-yard dash.--Won by H. C. Flower, Jr., '19; second, Thompson (A.); third, J. W. Cummings '19. Time, 23 sec.

Broad-jump.--Won by H. C. Flower, Jr., '19; second, R. O'N. West '19; third, C. W. Cook '19. Distance, 21 ft. 5 1-2 in.

High-jump.--Won by A. Perkins '19; second, R. O'N. West '19; third, tie between Eaton (A.) and A. R. Frey '19. Height, 5 ft. 4 in.

Hammer throw.--Won by Russell (A.); second, G. D. Flynn '19; third, C. A. Clark '19. Distance, 134 ft. 3 1-2 in.

Pole-vault.--Won by Gould (A.); second, Russell (A.); third, tie between D. S. Laird '19 and A. Perkins '19. Height, 10 ft.

Shot put.--Won by C. A. Clark '19; second, V. N. H. Bates '19; Gleason (A.). Distance, 41 ft. 10 in.