Art, Copy and Registration Departments Selected for Annual Freshman Publication.

As the result of the competition for places upon the 1919 Red Book board, which began about two months ago, 21 Freshmen have been chosen; 5 from the Art and 16 from the Copy and Registration Department.

The five men who made the board on the Art Department are as follows: Morgan Odell Vande Bogart uC., of Milwaukee, Wis; Frederick Percival Champ '19, of Logan, Utah; John Philip Cunningham '19, of Medford; Eustace Lee Florance, Jr., '19, of Dorchester; and Horatio Rogers '19, of Chestnut Hill.

The 11 men on the Copy and Registration Department are as follows: George Carey Barclay '19, of New York, N. Y.; Charles Arthur Clark, Jr., '19, of Milton; Harmon Bushnell Craig '19, of Boston; Francis Whiting Hatch '19, of West Medford; Norman McKee Lang '19, of Oakland, Cal.; Jay Pierrepont Moffat '19, of New York, N. Y.; Charles Anthony Morss, Jr., '19, of Chestnut Hill; William Rice Odell, Jr., '19, of Chicago, III.; Francis Parkman '19, of Boston; William Henry Potter, Jr., '19, of Watertown; Robert Crockett Rand '19, of Rye, N. Y.; Quincy Adams Shaw, Jr., '19, of Boston; Philip Edward Stevenson '19, of Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y.; Frederick Marcus Warburg '19, of New York, N. Y.; and Arthur Chace Watson '19, of New Bedford.

The other two divisions of the Red Book board, the Business Department and the Cuts and Photographs Department, will not be selected until the end of the week.