Article on Scholarship, and More Cuts Among Improvements.

The work on the Freshman Red Book is practically finished, and the forty-seven newly elected editors of the board will have little work to complete its successful publication. From all appearances the Red Book this year should be at least as good as last year's volume. This is due to the fact that all departments of the book have been better organized than in former years, and should thus produce a better piece of work. Every member of the present board has had to do considerable work. Among the noteworthy features of the book is the work of the Art Department. The book-plate to be used was drawn by F. P. Champ '19; the majority of the drawings to appear are the work of H. Rogers '19, and M. O. V. Bogart uC., while E. L. Florance, Jr., '19, have added several pictures.

There will be many changes and improvements in this year's Red Book over that of last year.

Committee Pictured Separately.

A picture was printed last year, including the members of all the committees, the Student Council, and the officers of the class. This will be replaced in the present Red Book by individual groups of each of the organizations. As was done last year, a picture of each member of the class will be printed with the name of his preparatory school, and the list of the various Freshman activities with which he was connected, appearing below. The Photograph Committee was unable to get the picture of every member of the class for the book last year, but this feat has been accomplished for the present publication. There will be no space devoted this year to the explanation and pictures of the interdormitory trophies. In place of this, two pages instead of one will be given to each interdormitory sport.

The majority of pictures and write-ups of all Freshman athletics will be practically the same as last year, a picture of the team and the manager, coach, and captain appearing with each separate sport.

More on Freshman Athletics.

Articles are to be published on the three Freshman dormitories, the history of the Freshman class, and on Freshman athletics. In these last two articles specific facts about the events of the year will not be given so much as the general information concerning the ordinary daily life in the dormitories, and the system on which Freshman athletics have been run.

There will be a change in this year's Red Book concerning the smokers and the dinner. Not only will there appear pictures of the dinner and one of the smokers, but there will also be printed photographs of the Entertainment and Dinner Committees.

Two more innovations will be made this year in the form of articles on the Regiment and scholarship. For the former, a dozen good cuts have been made of the Regiment in action; in the article on scholarship, space will be given to the Phi Beta Kappa trophy for entrance, and the results of the mid-year grades, with the names of the honor students.

Innovations Raise Cost.

The 1919 Red Book will cost much more to publish than that of any previous year, the rough estimate of the cost being $3,200 to $3,300. This increase in cost is the result of the many cuts and photographs to be printed. Over fifty snapshots will be printed this year--nearly three times as many as the number used last year.

Four members of the board, in addition to the chairman of the departments, whose work warrants special mention are R. C. Rand '19, who wrote both the epilogue and the prologue to be used, and the three men of the Business Department, W. Gaston '19, G. Tiffany '19, and R. P. Anthony '19, who submitted the largest number of subscriptions, and advertisement solicitations.

The Red Book will be bound this year in the same limp red leather binding as that used last year. The cost of the book will also be the same, $1.50 for members of the Freshman class, and $2 for all other persons.