Applications of Seniors for Class Day Tickets Due May 13

Seniors are reminded that the first application for Class Day tickets, open only to members of the class of 1916, will close on May 13. Men are requested, however, not to wait until that date, but to facilitate the work of the committee by applying immediately. At this application the following maximum number of tickets may be secured: 2 Sanders Theatre at 75 cents each, 12 Stadium at 50 cents each, 10 Memorial Hall at 50 cents each, 10 Yard at 20 cents each, and 10 Senior Spread at $2.50 each. Application blanks may now be secured at Leavitt & Peirce's, the Union, the H. A. A., and at Thayer 49.

The second application, also open only to Seniors, will close on May 27. Any number of tickets may be secured, but the prices will be higher. 1916 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE.