Silent Suffrage Demonstration the Only Break in Perfect Calm.

St. Louis, Mo., June 13.--In marked contrast to the Republican and Progressive conventions of last week, there is such a great store of harmony among the Democratic delegates assembled here that a formal convention seems hardly necessary. The only event of importance during the last twenty-four hours was the arrival of Secretary of War Baker with full directions in his bag from President Wilson as to the method of constructing the platform for the coming campaign and nominating Wilson for president and Marshall for vice-president. The absolute calm is broken only by hardly audible booms for Governor Sullivan of Illinois as possible candidates for the vice-presidency.

Not only is the scene perfectly serene at present, but the absence of any material to form a basis for controversy practically assures, an unexciting convention. The only event to break the routine regularity will come tomorrow. The Suffrage leaders have planned a silent demonstration. Ten thousand women will stand on both sides of the main street, leading to the Coliseum, in silence while the delegates walk by.