On the occasion of the first anniversary of the organization of the Harvard Regiment the CRIMSON prints this morning the complete roster of its officers and members. This is the first time that such a list has ever been printed in its complete form and in view of the widespread interest which the Regiment occasioned, it seems fitting that on its anniversary some permanent record of its achievements should be made.

The idea of forming a military organization at Harvard had been growing for some time, but it was not until December 20, 1915, that the first tangible step in the foundation of the Regiment was taken. On the evening of that day an enthusiastic mass meeting was held in the Union at which President Lowell. General Pew, of the Massachusetts Militia, P. D. Haughton '99 and W. Blanchard '16, president of the Student Council, spoke in favor of the movement.

A committee was organized and enrolments began to come in. On December 22, the day before the Christmas vacation, over 700 had joined. On January 3 the announcement was made that the War Department at Washington had appointed Captain Constant Cordier, U. S. A., to command the Harvard Regiment. Headquarters were established at Weld 3, preliminary talks and meetings were held, and with a total enrolment of 950 the members of the Regiment began work in earnest.

On January 10, 1916, one year ago today, Captain Cordier published his first orders, dividing the Regiment into two battalions of four companies each, and appointing the temporary non-commissioned officers. From that time on the work of the organization continued with drills for each company once a week in addition to the regular weekly lectures. Uniforms were secured and one thousand Krag-Jorgensen rifles were stacked in the Armory in the basement of Smith Hall, in charge of Private Streeter, U. S. A., the Regimental armorer. Captain Cordier had as his assistants Lieutenant Edwards, U. S. A., Corporal Walsh, U. S. A., the Regimental sergeant-major, Sergeant Gavigan, U. S. A., and Sergeant Bryan, U. S. A.

In April battalion drills were held on Soldiers Field and all-day Sunday hikes and practice marches were instituted. The entire Regiment participated in manoeuvres and a mock engagement at the estate of E. D. Brandegee '81 and on May 27 marched in the Preparedness Parade in Boston. On May 30 the Regiment at full strength, band, Sanitary Corps, Signal Squad and the motor cycle squad was reviewed and inspected by Major-General Leonard Wood, U. S. A., M.D., '84, in the Stadium and then mustered out.

In recognition of the service he had rendered the University by his work with the Regiment, Captain Cordier was awarded the honorary degree of Master of Arts at the Commencement exercises last June and this fall was detailed here by the War Department as Professor of Military Science and Tactics.


N. B. It will be noticed that the classes given in the roster are those of last year.