To raise a fund of $10,000,000 for the unrestricted use of the University is the program announced this morning by the Harvard Endowment Fund Committee. The formation of this Committee and the launching of its campaign come as a result of the constantly increasing financial needs of the University without a corresponding increase in resources. The want of money for proper laboratory and scientific equipment, and for the payment of sufficient salaries to the corps of instructors led to the formal consideration of the problem by the Alumni Association and adoption of the following resolution, after conference with the President and Fellows:

Voted, That the Directors of the Harvard Alumni Association shall appoint a committee of 15 of the alumni of Harvard University, to be known as the "Harvard Endowment Fund Committee." The duty of this committee shall be to organize the alumni for the solicitation of contributions to said fund and to solicit funds therefor."

The committee thus appointed was selected from classes so as to cover a period of 45 years; and after reorganization is constituted as follows:

The committee thus appointed was selected from class so as to cover a period of 45 years; and after reorganization is constituted as follows:

Charles G. Saunders '67, Boston, Mass.

William Lawrence '71, Boston, Mass.

William Thomas '73, San Francisco, Cal.

Frederick P. Fish '75, Boston, Mass.

Richard M. Saltonstall '80, Boston, Mass.

Odin Robert '86, Boston, Mass.

Herbert L. Clark '87, Philadelphia, Pa.

Benjamin Carpenter '88, Chicago, Ill.

Thomas W. Lamont '93, New York, N. Y. (chairman).

Robert Homans '94, Boston, Mass.

John W. Prentiss '98, New York, N. Y.

Dwight F. Davis '00, St, Louis, Mo.

Arthur H. Weed '03, Boston, Mass.

F. Abbot Goodhue '06, Boston, Mass. John Richardson '08, Boston Mass.

Robert F. Duncan '12, formerly with the Springfield Republican, has been appointed secretary to the committee, whose headquarters have been established at the office of the Harvard Alumni Association, at 50 State street, Boston.

The campaign, as outlined by Chairman Lamont, plans to provide against interference with the 25th class anniversary gifts of $100,000 which represent practically the only systematic contributions from alumni. The Committee believes that in order to obtain an endowment fund worthy of the name, the appeal must be country-wide and include practically every living Harvard man. A special effort will those graduates of smaller means, and those at a distance from the Atlantic seaboard, who is the past have not been reached because of lack of system in soliciting gifts.

In regard to the sum required, Mr. Lamont states:

We have been questioned as to the amount necessary for Harvard's purposes. It is difficult to answer accurately such an inquiry. But those who have had the chance to give some study to the problem confidently believe that the sum of $10,000,000 indicates a figure that will adroitly serve Harvard's need, and that is well within the powers of her graduates to raise