The order has been received from the War Department relieving Captain A. W. Bjornstad, U. S. A., from his detail as Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the University. From now on Captain Bjornstad will serve on the commission of three officers, appointed' to carry out the War Department's regulations in regard to the Reserve Officer's Training Corps. Since he has been in the conditions here and the requirements of the University, it is to be expected that an agreement between the University authorities and the War Department in regard to the conduct of Military Science and Tactics 1 may be arrived at in the near future.

Captain Cordier, when interviewed respecting the relief of Captain Bjornstad from duty in the Department of Military Science and Tactics, said:

"I very much regret the departure of Captain Bjornstad. He is one of the ablest of the younger officers of our Army. His work during the past 12 years has been of the highest order. He has eminently performed every task assigned him, particularly in modernizing and perfecting our drill regulations, successfully carrying out the field tests of the Provisional Regiment in 1912, as a distinguished member of the General Staff Corps, as military attaché to Berlin, and later as instructor at our Service Schools including the staff college. While his separation from Harvard at this time is a distinct loss, he is ordered to Washington to undertake a task of greater responsibility and importance to the nation. Captain Bjornstad is a splendid man with a master mind."