St. Paul's Nominations Made

The following nominations for officers of the St. Paul's Society have been made and will be voted upon at the annual business meeting of the Society next Wednesday, January 17:

President: Felix Whitman Knauth '18, of New York N. Y.; Henry Norwell MacIntyre '18 of Brighton; vice-president: Francis Alpine Hill, 2d, '18, of New Rochelle, N. Y.; Ralph Hall Howe, '19, Hyde Park; secretary: Henry Ests Small '19, of Plainfleld, N. J.; Henry Bellis Van Fleet '20, of Cincinnati, O.; treasurer: Lawrence Percival Hall '19, of Montclair, N. J.; Dominic William Rich '18, of New York, N. Y.; graduate advisory committee: Professor Robert Howard Lord '06.

Any additional nominations must be in the hands of J. P. Thurber '17, Hollis 32, by this evening at 10 o'clock. Nominations must be signed by ten members of the Society.