Mrs. Skeffington Addresses Verein

Mrs. Sheehy Skeffington, of Dublin, will speak on "The Recent Revolution in Dublin" under the auspices of the Deutscher Verein in Emerson J tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. W. Silz '17, of the Deutscher Verein, will preside at the meeting which will be open to all members of the University.

Mrs. Skeffington has received the degree of Master of Arts from the University of Dublin and she has also studied at the Sorbonne and at several German universities. She is the founder of the Irish Women's Suffrage League, and in 1915 she was a delegate of the Women's Peace Party at the Hague. Her husband was killed in the recent revolution in Dublin, of which she will speak, and she is at present editing the paper of which he was formerly the editor. As an authority on the social and political disturbances in Ireland, Mrs. Skeffington has recently been tendered a great reception in New York City.