Seventeen undergraduates have already definitely signed up to go to France and have been accepted as ambulance drivers in the American Ambulance Field Service. These men will leave College after mid-years and go at once to Europe. There are ten or 12 others who are expecting to go but who have yet to hear from their parents or the College Office before definitely signing up.

The men will leave on the French-American liner Chicago, sailing from New York City on February 17. Upon arriving in France they will go at once to Paris where they will be outfitted and formed into one unit which will be known as the Harvard Section.

The section will be sent at once to some sector on the western front and will continue together as one unit till next September, when the six-months' term of enlistment expires. The names of those definitely accepted follow:

C. A. Amsden uC, G. C. Caner '17, E. B. Dallin ocC, G. R. Foley '20, D. LaM. Hathway '19, J. H. Lambert '20, T. T. Mackie '18, J. H. Norweb '18, D. E. Putnam '20, D. W. Rich '18, V. L. Rich '19, F. C. Stetson '18, J. S. Taylor '18, B. H. Tracy, Jr., '20, R. B. Varnum uC, G. G. Whytlaw '18, G. R. Young '19.

It has been the custom of the Administrative Board to allow men who leave for France at mid-years to continue the second halves of their full courses the following year, provided that their grades are satisfactory. This enables men taking six months off to finish with their classes by taking extra courses when they return. This is particularly adaptable to Sophomores and Freshmen who have passed all courses to date and who therefore need only take five courses in their last two years to finish on schedule.

As the time is growing short all men interested, whether they have given their names to the University committee or not, should come to the Ambulance office at 17 Grays Hall and give definite information as to their plans. The office hours are: week days, except Saturday, from 5 to 6.